Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Windows Are Here

Saturday, June 15th we only had 1/2 a morning. We took our family to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. This is the last year this big production will be performed. We had an awesome day/night as a family and away from the house for just a moment. 

Before we left Kory was able to wire the 2 can lights that are in the stairwell. He also had to run a few lines of a different wire for our future A/C unit. 

While we were gone Saturday our A/C guy came and began running our unit. His supplier shorted him on some of the materials so he wasn't able to finish. Hopefully he can come back this weekend and finish.

Monday, June 18th 
Kory and Hunter went to the shop to work at 6am. They both came back about 2 hours later. One of our employees had thrown his back out over the weekend and called in sick. The other left a message at 3am on Kory's voicemail saying he had gotten sick during the night. So knowing Hunter had some school work (doing a summer online class) and Kory had computer work to catch up on they came home.  After a few hours of sitting in front of his laptop Kory needed a break.  He decided to help our cement guy get ready for our back pork to be poured hopefully later this week. 

First thing he did was level the ground and push all our trash into one big pile. Over the past few weeks we have taken 10+ loads away. We have paid the dump about $500 and we decided we didnt' want to spend anymore money that way. And so we borrowed a garbage can from my parents so that each week we can load 3 garbage cans full of trash and let the garbage man take it to the dump for us. It's going slow but we are making progress. 

The back pad is leveled and ready to be formed up. 

It has been so rainy this Spring/early Summer. This is what my back yard looked like 3 days after it had rained last. Our house is just surrounded by mud! It's terrible. 

And so after the pad was ready Kory just kept on going. He ended up getting 4 loads of AB rock. He leveled all our mud ruts we've made with our cars and laid it out nicely so we won't get quite as muddy as we have been getting. 

We've got some right in front of the shed. So now we can get the quads out without worrying about the mud. 

He almost got the whole side of the house too. At least the back yard, the shed and the house side door won't be quite so muddy. One day in the "far" future we will acutally pour a cement pad all the way to the shed. We'd love to put a basketball hoop above the shed and have a nice little spot to play some family ball. 

He also put some more in front of our garage and driveway. We have had it here before but when we dug the water line to the back yard it got all torn up and moved. I love that it's not so "all dirt" and will help with our mud problem.  

Kory did an amazing job!

At 4:20 Kory got the call that our windows had come it. Yay!!!
We took off to grab them before they closed at 5. We got there just in the nick of time. When we got home Kory called my Dad asking if he'd come help us intall them. I had to run to Cedar to pick up Emily who had spent the day with her Grandma working on one of her 10 hour YW projects. By the time I got back they were installing the last one.  

 This is the privacy one that was hung above the master bath. 

We only have one window left to install.
However we shoved the swamp cooler through it last week to help us cool the house down at night. We don't have it hooked up to water so it just moves the air for us at night which has really helped.  

 Once our A/C unit is up and running we can install this last window and turn that bad boy on. It will be so nice! We are hitting the high 90's outside and so it has become an every day occorunce for our house to be 85+ come about 4pm each day. It's hot! It wipes out our energy and everyone becomes a little testy with each other not being able to escape the heat. We are all so looking forward to be able to use a AC unit. We haven't had AC in 3 years! Our swamp cooler has done a decent job until about mid July-August when our temperatures are over 110. It's just too hot. Having AC is a luxury that I hope our family will remember for a long time!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Starting the Electrical

The past 2 weeks have been a bit busy! The older girls and I were gone for 4 days to girls camp. Then this past weekend the older 2 and I were gone for Youth Conference. Although we haven't been around to work every single night I'm still impressed with how much we have accomplished. 

Wanting some storage areas Kory framed a few more cupboards into the stair case. We're going to have a nice large cupboard on both sides! The opening is framed in. One of these future nights we'll get the boxes built for them. I think we'll really like them. 

Before starting on the electrical we needed to finish insulating the walls with our foam boards. On this Friday, June 14th it was a all hands on deck kind of day. All 7 of us had jobs to do and  we worked really well together. 

The younger kids could drag the boards in and help hold them while Kory cut them into our strips. 

Then the strips were taken to the walls and placed between each stud. 

After they were in we nailed them a few times and sprayed foam around the edges to block air movement. 

It's getting pretty warm outside which means it's getting pretty warm inside. We haven't turned on our A/C yet becuase once again we have too many holes. We've got 4 windows that we are still waiting on plus an open attic. It can get quite miserable in the afternoon evening time before the sun sets enough and we can open windows. Hoping all this insulation will help a little bit. 

When the foam boards were finished up stairs we sent the boys downstairs to finish. Kory, the girls and I began wiring the upstairs. While the girls and I were away at girls camp he and the boys had installed most of the electrical boxe; fan, canned lights, light switches and smoke detectors. So we finished the few that still needed done and the began running wire.  

Kylies job was to help pull the wire off the reel.

 And then Kory, the girls and I would pull it throught all the holes he drilled through the studs and push them into the electrical boxes. It's not really hard work just a little time consuming. 

All of the electrical boxes have wire to them. 
Woo Hoo!

We also seem to have bad luck with wireless electronics. In every single house we've been in we've had something that was wireless NOT work and had to hard wire it to use it. Having the material already we decided to hard wire almost every room. Although we don't allow electronics into the kids rooms we may rent the house out long term one day or use it as a vacation rental. One day in the future it might be nice to beable to have all the hard wire available to us.  Nice to know that wire is now done too. 

One of Kory's and my biggest pet pieves is having towel rods in the bathroom that fall off the wall. Why is this? We've rented a lot in our 17 years of marriage and most of the places we've rented has had this issue. The rods are always loose. And if you look closely enough you can see a ton of screw holes where the rod had been previously. It just keeps getting moved a little each time the rod falls and screwed back in some where else. The problem is that the towel rod isn't being screwed into the actual studs in the wall or maybe one side is but not the other. It's just going through the sheetrock. So with extra material laying around we fixed this little problem. Kory screwed some large and thick pieces of wood (left over staircase stringers) between the studs. This way when the time comes to hang towel rods it won't matter where we put it along this wall. We will hit real wood instead of just sheetrock. That rod isn't going to go anywhere for a very long time! We also put a piece of extra wood where the hand towel by the sink will be too.  

We're getting pretty excited to see how quick the house is coming along! 
Sure is looking good.

Monday, June 10, 2019


The upstairs is almost completely framed in. Just a few odd's and ends to finish up. I love that it's coming along so good. Our current issue with working upstairs is we don't have stairs to get up there. We either have to go outside and climb up a ladder into an upstairs window or we do have this small opening in my kitchen that we can again climb a ladder to get into. It's a little difficult to get tools and materials up there. 

And so before we finish anything else upstairs Kory decided it was time to build our stairs. We knew this was going to be the next "major" project. It took us a full week to get them in. 
He had to cut some of the new and old trusses and then reinforce them.

That whole in the ceiling that we cut out will be the stair opening. 

A friend, Ben Sorenson, came over and helped Kory cut the stringers out. This took hours! They measured, re measured, calleda mutual friend who is a contractor to confirm, re measured, called a different friend who has lots of stair experience to confirm, re measured and then finally cut them!

Once the stringers were cut and installed things finally began to move a bit more quickly. 

Kory and Hunter screwing the treads on. 

Maddie starting to clean up the mess of this day. 

What a project this was. I knew it was going to be time consuming having to reinforce the old and new trusses, moving insulation aside and previous wiring and building the strucutual post at the bottom to help hold the weight and the actual stairs. But I had no idea that it would take us the whole week working 2 full Saturdays and a few hours each night. Man am I glad that's done!
Got to say, it is so AWESOME to have stairs we can use to get up and down on. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Memorial Weekend

May 24th-27th
Oh my goodness, did we get a lot done this Memorial weekend! We had Friday, Saturday and Monday to work on the house. It's amazing what we got accompolished. 

The first thing we did was finish wrapping the house with paper so that when it rains it won't come straight down inside the house. We layed a layer of ice shield that was half on the wall and the other half on the roof. Then we covered it in the paper. Yay! No more rain should get inside. 

We also finished sheeting the upstairs. Most of it was done but we just had a few pieces plus the gable's to get done. A friend, Matt Crane and one of his guys came over for the morning and helped us. I was so thankful I didn't have to climb up on that tall, tall ladder!

While the ladders were being utilized elsewhere Kory had Hunter lift him with skid steer to finish the small middle piece. Super easy!

This weekend we were able to get started on the inside of the house too. It's a bit cooler working inside. I'm loving that we're not in the direct sun anymore. It's starting to warm up a bit. Our highs have finally reached the high 70's but it seems that every other day or so the rains come again and cools it all down. Man are we having a weird Spring! 

We were able to begin hanging the windows we've been storing for several months now. It will be so nice to have them out of our ever growing messy, full of building materials garage. 

Kory also ordered the last of the windows, about 4 more. Hopefully we'll get them a bit quicker than the first ones took. 
We also got our glass back door installed. I love it! 

 We began framing the upstairs. We never had plans drawn up for the upstairs because it just seemed like we'd never get to this point. But we're finally ready. After a few disagreements we decided to do a family room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The upstairs as a whole is 49 feet by 17 feet wide. We wanted to split the 17foot part in half to create 2 bedrooms on one side and then another bedroom and bath on the other side. However, the rooms would only be about 8ft. wide. We were told by a few contractor friends that they wouldn't frame a bedroom less than 10 ft. Our office is only 8ft wide and I'm pretty glad it's just an office and not a bedroom. It will be the perfect size as a office.

This side of the upstairs will have Emily and Kylies bedroom, they are sharing. A nice walk in closet and also a utility closet.  

Maddie is going to have her own room on the opposite side. She'll also have a nice walk in closet. The bathroom is also next to her room. 

It is so awesome to see it all coming together! I feel like we had an awesome weekend and accomplished more than I thought we would. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

The roof

Monday  May 20th- Thursday 24th

This week has been a bit crazy. It's been the last week of school, it's rained every single day this week AND Kylie my 7 year old fell off the monkeybars at school and broke her arm in 2 places! She broke her wrist and her humerous (above her elbow). Her doctor was to busy to see her so I had to take her to the Insta Care where they confirmed it was broke and would need a cast. But Insta Care doesn't do casts! For reals? So they put her in a temporary and we got to see her regular doctor 2 days later for her real cast. Good news is that it should be able to come off in 4 weeks.  But needless to say it's been a little rough this week but we have survived. 

In between rain storms on Monday we were able to put the ice shield and felt on the roof. This will at least keep the rain from coming in on the new part of the house.  

We were also able to sheet most of the house. We left a few openings on purpose so that we can get in and out easier since we don't have stairs yet. 

Before putting the roof on we had to get the fascia done on the side of the house. 
Boy was that high up!

On Friday the rain had stopped, the roof was dried so we hit it hard. We used the skid steer to lift our roofing supplies as high as it could go. Standing on the roof of the front part of the house we could lean over and pull them off and then carry them to the new roof. It sure beat trying to carry them up a ladder or me having to lift them over my head to someone up above. There big, awkward and we had way too many to do it that way. 

Hunter was an awesome help! I brought the sheets to Kory, he would screw them down on the top and bottom so they wouldn't slide off and the Hunter would finish screwing them down. 

We got it almost completely done!

We have one sheet that needs to be split to use it on the end piece. We also still need to put the ridge cap on. Under the ridge cap there is a black foam strip we lay down first which keeps bees, wasps and other flying insects from making there homes under the tin in all the ridges. Of course the company was out of the foam stuff, depsite the order that was placed 4 day's earlier. Sheesh!
When we get the foam we can finish the roof.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Melt Down

Sunday May 19

Yesterday I had a melt down!
These past few weeks we have worked almost daily on our house, like until 9-10pm. I usually have dinner ready at 5 when Kory gets home. After dinner the girls do the dishes while Kory, Hunter and I and sometimes Maddie go outside to work on the house. During the days I keep busy with getting ready for girls camp, kids projects, kids programs, kids field trips, book work for our business and just the every day chores of keeping our home clean and tidy. These past few weeks of keeping so busy has really worn me out!

We knew the upcoming week was going to be pretty stormy. We were trying to get the new part of the house dried in but didn't quite make it. We woke up to water in our house Sunday morning. 

There was nothing we could do about it which was the worse feeling ever!
The rain was coming down towards the front of the house instead of the side of the house like usual. Friday and Saturday we framed our new walls. So the rain was hitting our new wall and running right down it. There was nothing to keep the water out. 

As the morning progressed the leaking water got worse. 
It was coming in our room between the ceiling and wall.  

A little while later the water was seeping through the middle of the wall where the 2 sheets meet. 

It was seeping in through our new family room, laundry room, bathroom and our master bedroom. 

Kory nor I was happy to say the least. We were both besides ourselves. I wanted to cry but I held it in. Until..........we got to chuch. Sacrament begins each Sunday at 12:00. I was fine on our way to church, I was fine when we sat down. But then out of the blue I was hit with the overwhelming feeling of defeat, disapointment, discouragment, frustration. The list could go on and on and on. I just couldn't fathom what the outcome of all this rain would mean? The rain for the week was just starting. We had rain, lots of rain in the forecast for the next 5 days. Would it ruin all that sheetrock? Would we need to replace it all? How many hours of work would we have to "re-do"? The tears just came. And they came and came. Sacrament began, my kids kept asking Dad if Mom was alright, why was she crying? I tried to stop the tears but I couldn't. I pinched myself, I dug my fingernails into my arm, I bit my tongue. I was trying to do anything to stop the tears, to get control over my emotions. But nothing worked! I cried silent tears all through sacrament. The opening song was "Count Your Many Blessings". I laughed inside. Instead of singing I tried counting my blessings. I had healthy children, I had a roof over our heads even though it did leak terribly. I may have woken up to a wet bedroom floor but my bed was dry. I have running water, My kids are in bedrooms instead of all out in the family room. We have good work, good employees, food on our table. Why was I still crying? 

I cried for an hour. Kory leaned over and showed me a text from a family friend asking if I was o.k. Oops! Nearing the end of sacrament meeting the tears finally dried up. I wiped my cheeks dry and went to the bathroom to make sure make-up wasn't smeared all over my face. Kory and I went to Sunday School together. I kept thinking the worse thing the rain could cause was that we'd have to replace the sheetrock up against that wall. Maybe 10 pieces? Yes that is kind of a lot but at least it's not taped and textured or painted yet. It would take time, time we'd rather spend doing something besides "re-doing work" but it would be o.k. I can do hard things!  

After sacrament meeting another friend came up who had been sitting in front of us during Sacrament asking if I was o.k. Immediately the water works turned on. I cried in the middle of the church hallway as people were walking all around us. I told her what had happened and how defeated I was feeling. Our house construction has been going on for almost 2 years now. I just want a "normal" house! I just could not control the tears. She was so kind and invited our family over for dinner later on. When we got home I told Kory I was skipping lunch and taking a nap. I slept from 2:30 till almost 5 when it was time to go to our friends. I woke up feeling much better and in control of my emotions. The rain kept coming, the water seeping in was making a bigger and bigger wet patch but I didn't have to sit the evening through watching it. I didn't even take a picture of the big wet patches we had. I didn't want the reminder! The rain stopped during the night and by Monday morning it had mostly dried.  We are suppose to get rain everyday till Friday of this week. We are all praying the wind or rain will change its direction so it hits the house in a different direction so it doesn't ruin anything. The sheetrock got wet but hopefully it will continue to dry out and we won't have to replace anything! That's what we're praying for anyways. 

*Update. Today is Thursday May 23rd. As the forecast predicted we recieved rain every single day this week. Some days it felt like the rain never stopped while others it seemed to have barely rained at all. Heavenly Father has heard our prayers! The rain came down in a different direction and hasn't once made it inside my house or behind the sheetrock! Thank you, thank you, thank you Heavenly Father!*  

Last of the Trusses

Friday May 17th
Kory has been trying really hard to make the working 4- 10 hour days at the shop work for everyone. By doing this it allows us to have 2 full days (Friday and Saturday) to work on the house. It's amazing what we can accomplish in those 2 days. Granted we quite often work 12+ hours each day. 

For the past few Friday's its just been Kory and I until the kiddo's get home about 3pm. This Friday was no different. Kory usually starts when I'm out dropping kiddo's off at school and then we jump right in working together when I get back.  We layed out the entire back wall first.

Then we slowly began to lift the walls. Of course the wind decided to pick up so with each wall we stood we had to brace it to make sure it didn't all fall down. 

My Dad came over and helped us with some of those last walls. 

By that evening we had all the exterior walls up. We also sheeted the 4 corners to help keep it stable through the night. We were hoping to get it all sheeted but the dang wind just wouldn't stop blowing! It was so warm that morning. But by mid afternoon my Dad put his long sleeve shirt back on and I was working with my hoodie. We got a little cold working today. 

Saturday, May 18th 
We finished sheeting the house. We did 3 of the 4 exterior walls. The skid steer wont fit around the house where that last little wall is. We are going to have to lift those sheets by hand on ladders. Good thing we only need about 3 of those dang sheets! We'll eventually get to that wall. 

Once the other 3 sides were sheeted we started in on the trusses!

A neighbor and a friend along with my Dad, Hunter and I worked all afternoon!
The weather was so warm today. Yesterday I worked in my hoodie and today I was wishing I had shorts on. I put sunscreen on so many times that I lost count. 

We finally got them all up. Just in time for our friend and neighbor to leave. Since we still had an hour or two of daylight we began sheeting the roof. So awesome! We worked, worked and worked until we ran out of material. We were able to get almost 1/2 the roof sheeted. Yippee! It's great to know that even if the wind picks up again our roof should be safe. 

Windows Are Here

Saturday, June 15th we only had 1/2 a morning. We took our family to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. This is the last year this bi...